2018 / 06 / 28

Though located in the busy city, the house is within the walking-distance to high speed rail station and schools, and enjoys the great view to the surrounding environment. The target clients are focused mainly on the business elites and retirees who are financially sustainable and concern about living quality.

In the big house, the extensive wood-wrapped beam suggests majestic and magnificent atmosphere. The indoor space is consistently painted in agreeable light colors, and the entryway floor decorated with hexagon cement tiles is full of characters. That, the main wall in the living room ornamented with light cements and the warm wood floors considerably paved in the public space, intensifies the luminous and elegant features of space.

Among the harmonious residential space, both the black-and-white display cabinet in the living room and the sliding door embellished with frosted glass and wrought irons in the dining room establish the vivid sense of sight. Adorned on the wall between the living and dining room, the black deer-silhouette wall lamp is intriguing as well.

Adjoining the streets that connect the residential and business area, the house marvelously integrating the marketing strategy and space aesthetics presents to the world the legacy residence.